Writing & Translation


Send us the core idea of the story, along with the related and background info in Chinese, English, or your mother tongue. Our dedicated writing team will turn your story into a news story/press release following the professional style that the Chinese media and audience loves. You’ll be assigned a head staff writer who has experience in your field or industry and knows precisely what gets noticed. The release will be written in Chinese.

We need your final approval in order to schedule your press release for distribution to media outlets. Once we receive it, your release will be ready to go. We take special care of time-sensitive news as well, and should you have any questions even after the release is sent, we’re always available to help answer them.

The price is $100, which includes up to 500 Chinese words, each additional 100 words charge $10. We also provide polishing service, which charges $50 for first 500 Chinese words, and each additional 100 words charge $5.


The article will be translated from any language into Chinese. We have over 100 certified translation professionals working in more than 50 languages to handle any topics you have, from advertising and localization services to internal company documents to correspondence – and everything in-between.

Translation service of news stories is the core of what we do here at PRChinaWire.com. We can usually turn small projects around in a very short time—sometimes as quickly as an hour—and even large-scale projects generally take only a few days.

Our goal is simple: The best translation service on time.

The price is $50, which includes up to 1,000 English words, each additional 200 words charge $10.

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